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Architecture and landscape in medieval Anatolia, 1100-1500

Authors and Corporations: Blessing, Patricia (Editor), Goshgarian, Rachel (Editor)
Title: Architecture and landscape in medieval Anatolia, 1100-1500/ edited by Patricia Blessing and Rachel Goshgarian
Language: English
Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press [2017]
Item Description: xiii, 293 Seiten; Illustrationen, Karten
ISBN: 9781474437363, 9781474411295, 1474437362, 1474411290
Anatolia was home to a large number of polities in the medieval period. Given its location at the geographical and chronological juncture between Byzantines and the Ottomans, its story tends to be read through the Seljuk experience. This obscures the multiple experiences and spaces of Anatolia under the Byzantine empire, Turko-Muslim dynasties contemporary to the Seljuks, the Mongol llkhanids, and the various beyliks of eastern and western Anatolia. This book looks beyond political structures and towards a reconsideration of the interactions between the rural and the urban; an analysis of the relationships between architecture, culture and power; and an examination of the region's multiple geographies. In order to expand historiographical perspectives it draws on a wide variety of sources (architectural, artistic, documentary and literary), including texts composed in several languages (Arabic, Armenian, Byzantine Greek, Persian and Turkish)
Introduction: space and place: applications to medieval Anatolia / Patricia Blessing and Rachel Goshgarian -- Craftsmen in medieval Anatolia: methods and mobility / Richard P. McClary -- Stones for travellers: notes on the masonry of Seljuk Road Caravanserais / Cinzia Tavernari -- Suggestions on the social meaning, structure and functions of Akhi communities and their hospices in medieval Anatolia / Iklil Selcuk -- Social graces and urban spaces: brotherhood and the ambiguities of masculinity and religious practice in late medieval Anatolia / Rachel Goshgarian -- Transformation of the 'sacred' image of a Byzantine Cappadocian settlement / Fatma Gul Ozturk -- The 'Islamicness' of some decorative patterns in the chuch of Tigran Honents in Ani / Mattia Guidetti -- Harvesting garden semantics in late medieval Anatolia / Nicolas Trepanier -- All quiet on the eastern frontier? The contemporaries of early Ottoman architecture in eastern Anatolia / Patricia Blessing -- The 'dual identity' of Mahperi Khatun: piety, patronage and marriage across frontiers in Seljuk Anatolia / Suzan Yalman