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zhi neng liao ji liu shi san zhong

Authors and Corporations: zhi neng (Author), li hui yuan (Author)
Title: zhi neng liao ji liu shi san zhong
智能療疾六十三種 (清)智能撰; 李會元抄
Title Note: [Zhi Neng’s treatment of 63 diseases]
Language: Chinese
s.l. 18XX
Online-Ausg.. Berlin Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz 2016
Item Description: Online-Ressource (4-holes thread; 41 pp.); 行/行字: 14 × 31 ; Manuscript’s front and back cover damaged. Contents rather complete.; 20.1 × 13.5. Paper made from young bamboo. No lines; no frames. Red punctuation marks
Cover: Upper left, inscription: 智能療疾六十三種. - Title page: From right to left in proper order, inscription: 醫學摘要/鳳舞題. Bottom, personal seal: 李會元印. - First l. main text: 一水瀉二汗後重勞三傷風咳嗽四產後去血過多嗽喘. - Final l. main text: 加藥一錢服下未用前藥一先服蘆根水更妙. - Table of contents: Not provided in the manuscript; compiled here following the actual contents