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wan yao bu

Authors and Corporations: yun jin ju yao dian (Author)
Title: wan yao bu
丸藥簿 雲錦聚藥店撰; 抄手不详
Title Note: [Book on pill medications]
Language: Chinese
Begun in 1893. Text records events from “10th year of Chinese Republic” (1921)
Online-Ausg.. Berlin Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz 2014
Item Description: Online-Ressource (Thread. 4-holes; 74 pp.); 行/行字: No regular pattern. In general, max. 10 × max. 20 ; Manuscript in the style of an account book. Exterior slightly damaged through constant use, but over all well-preserved. First half, large characters in regular script. Careful handwriting. Second half, careless handwriting; 19 × 15.9. Paper made from bamboo pulp. No lines; no frames