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yan hou shi ba zheng quan shu

Authors and Corporations: yao xin li (Author)
Title: yan hou shi ba zheng quan shu
咽喉十八證全書 作者不详; 姚新利抄
Title Note: [Comprehensive book on 18 signs [of disease affecting] the throat]
Language: Chinese
Online-Ausg.. Berlin Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz 2014
Item Description: Online-Ressource (Thread; 22 pp.); 行/行字: 8 × 23 ; Ancient manuscript. Front and back cover severely damaged. Sub-standard calligraphy. Portions of text missing. Regular handwriting; 23.9 × 13.2. Writing paper made from young bamboo. No lines; no frames
Cover: Writing paper made from young bamboo. Severe insect damage; early restoration also damaged. Upper left, inscription: 咽喉拾捌症全書. Back of front cover, bottom center, inscription: 高莊姚新利錄. - Title page: No. - First l. main text: 咽喉十八證論, 高莊共廿八頁. - Final l. main text: 輕視, 此乃秘傳之至寶矣。. - Table of contents: Not provided in the manuscript; compiled here following the actual contents