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COVID-19 and world order: the future of conflict, competition, and cooperation

Authors and Corporations: Brands, Hal (Editor), Gavin, Francis J. (Editor)
Title: COVID-19 and world order: the future of conflict, competition, and cooperation/ edited by Hal Brands, Francis J. Gavin
Title Note: Applied history and future scenarios
Ends of epidemics
The world after COVID : a perspective from history
Future scenarios : “we are all failed states, now”
Global public health and mitigation strategies
Make pandemics lose their power
Origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the path forward : a global public health policy perspective
Bioethics in a post-COVID world : time for future-facing global health ethics
Transnational issues : technology, climate, and food
Global climate and energy policy after the COVID-19 pandemic : the tug-of-war between markets and politics
No food security, no world order
Flat no longer : technology in the post-covid world
The future of the global economy
Models for a post-COVID US foreign economic policy
Prospects for the United States' post-COVID-19 policies : strengthening the G20 leaders process
Global politics and governance
When the world stumbled : COVID-19 and the failure of the international system
Public governance and global politics after COVID-19
Take it off-site : world order and international institutions after COVID-19
A "good enough" world order : a gardener's manual
Grand strategy and American statecraft
Maybe it won't be so bad : a modestly optimistic take on COVID and world order
COVID-19's impact on great-power competition
Building a more globalized order
Could the pandemic reshape world order, American security, and national defense?
Sino-American rivalry
The United States, China, and the great values game
The US-China relationship after Coronavirus : clues from history
Building a new technological relationship and rivalry : US-China relations in the aftermath of COVID
From COVID war to cold war : the new three-body problem
Language: English
Baltimore Johns Hopkins University Press 2020
Item Description: 1 Online-Ressource (xiv, 455 Seiten) ; Literaturangaben, Register
ISBN: 9781421440750, 142144075X