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The Anglo-Scottish ballad and its imaginary contexts

Authors and Corporations: Atkinson, David (Author)
Title: The Anglo-Scottish ballad and its imaginary contexts/ David Atkinson
Language: English
Cambridge Open Books Publishers 2014
Notes: English
Item Description: 1 Online-Ressource (1 online resource) ; Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN: 1783740299, 1783740280, 1783740272, 1783740302, 1783740310, 9781783740284, 9781783740307, 9781783740291, 9781783740314, 9781783740277
"This is the first book to combine contemporary debates in ballad studies with the insights of modern textual scholarship. Just like canonical literature and music, the ballad should not be seen as a uniquely authentic item inextricably tied to a documented source, but rather as an unstable structure subject to the vagaries of production, reception, and editing. Among the matters addressed are topics central to the subject, including ballad origins, oral and printed transmission, sound and writing, agency and editing, and textual and melodic indeterminacy and instability. While drawing on the time-honoured materials of ballad studies, the book offers a theoretical framework for the discipline to complement the largely ethnographic approach that has dominated in recent decades. Primarily directed at the community of ballad and folk song scholars, the book will be of interest to researchers in several adjacent fields, including folklore, oral literature, ethnomusicology, and textual scholarship."--Publisher's website
Preface -- 1. Where is the ballad? -- 2. On the nature of evidence -- 3. Textual authority and the sources of variance -- 4. The material ballad -- 5. Sound and writing -- 6. Agency, intention, and the problem of version (with a brief history of ballad editing) -- 7. Palimpsest or texte génétique -- 8. Afterword: 'All her friends cried out for shame'.