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wai ke quan shu

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Authors and Corporations: wu qian (Author), wang guo dong (Other)
Title: wai ke quan shu
外科全書 (清)吳謙撰; 王國棟抄
Title Note: [Complete book on external medicine]
Language: Chinese
s.l. 1904
Online-Ausgabe. Berlin Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz 2019
Item Description: Pocket-size accordeon fold (leporello) in slide-through case; 60 pp; 行/行字: 5 × 16 ; Ancient manuscript. Sporadic holes caused by insects. Handwriting careful and neat. Very beautiful calligraphy. Red punctuation marks; 11.4 × 4.0. Thick paper mulberry paper. No lines; no frames