The freedom within us East German photography 1980-89

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Authors and Corporations: Mahler, Ute (Photographer), Paul, Manfred (Photographer), Schulze Eldowy, Gundula (Photographer), Eisler, Christiane (Photographer), Metselaar Berthold, Barbara (Photographer), Bergemann, Sibylle (Photographer), Marquardt, Sven (Photographer), Buchwald, Kurt (Photographer), Stötzer, Gabriele (Photographer), Florschuetz, Thomas (Photographer), Mahn, Eva (Photographer), Schäfer, Rudolf (Photographer), Dammbeck, Lutz (Photographer), Bara, Tina (Photographer), Wüst, Ulrich (Photographer), York der Knöfel (Photographer), Voss, Sonia (Editor), Séclier, Philippe (Editor), Wilkins, Darrell (Translator), Rencontres de la photographie (Organizer)
Title: The freedom within us East German photography 1980-89 a book edited by Sonia Voss ; translated by Darrell Wilkins ; Tina Bara, Sibylle Bergemann, Kurt Buchwald, Lutz Dammbeck, Christiane Eisler, Thomas Florschuetz, York der Knoefel, Ute Mahler, Eva Mahn, Sven Marquardt, Barbara Metselaar Berthold, Manfred Paul, Rudolf Schäfer, Gundula Schulze Eldowy, Gabriele Stötzer, Ulrich Wüst
Title Note:East German Photography 1980-89, curated by Sonia Voss, at the Rencontres internationales de la photographie in Arles, 1 July - 22 September, 2019
Type of Resource: Book Exhibition Catalogue Illustrated Book
London: Koenig Books Ltd, [2019]
Subjects: Fotografie , Rencontres de la photographie

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