Carlos Sagrera - patterns core II

Patterns focuses on the recent paintings by Spanish artist Carlos Sagrera, who lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Sagrera is a young talent and belongs to a new generation of contemporary painters who is inspired by the New Leipzig School. We follow the painter0in his quest for fading memories and...

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Authors and Corporations: Sagrera, Carlos (Artist, Writer of preface), Brandt, Rutger (Writer of supplementary textual content, Author of introduction, etc.), Ansenk, Emily (Writer of supplementary textual content), Ziefer, Anka (Writer of supplementary textual content)
Title: Carlos Sagrera - patterns core II text: Rutger Brandt, Emily Ansenk, Anka Ziefer
Title Note:Patterns
Type of Resource: Book Still Image Exhibition Catalogue Illustrated Book
Amsterdam: Rutger Brandt Gallery, [2018]
Venlo: Van Spijk Publishers, [2018]