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Institution: GfZK Leipzig
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    local holding

    Fotografie an sich

    by Dexter, Emma

    Published in Cruel and tender (2003)
    Book Component Part

    GfZK Leipzig

    in: 30.15 Köln Museum Ludwig 2003:1

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    local holding

    Frida Kahlo: [on the occasion of the Exhibition "Frida Kahlo" at Tate Modern, 9 June - 9 October 2005]

    published 2005
    Other Authors: ...Dexter, Emma...
    Publisher description, Verlag
    Table of contents only, Verlag
    Book Still Image Exhibition Catalogue

    GfZK Leipzig
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    local holding

    Cruel and tender: zärtlich und grausam ; Fotografie und das Wirkliche ; [anlässlich der Ausstellung "Cruel and Tender - Zärtlich und Grausam: Fotografie und das Wirkliche" im Museu...

    published 2003
    Other Authors: ...Dexter, Emma...
    Book Still Image Conference Proceedings Exhibition Catalogue

    GfZK Leipzig

    30.15 Köln Museum Ludwig 2003:1

    Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig