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    local holding

    Inside out: Critical discourses concerning institutions

    by Badovinac, Zdenka, Bago, Ivana, Möntmann, Nina, Raunig, Gerald, Steyerl, Hito, Vidmar, Vladimir

    published 2017
    Other Authors: ...Milevska, Suzana...

    GfZK Leipzig 10.00.04 2017:2
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    local holding

    Warren Neidich: the Noologist's handbook and other art experiments

    by Neidich, Warren

    published 2013
    Other Authors: ...Milevska, Suzana...
    Book Still Image Illustrated Book
    Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
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    local holding

    Capital and gender: Skople, 24 - 27 January 2001, International project for art and theory. [perfect match, public art project, 26-27.01.2001, city shopping mall (Museum of the Cit...

    published 2001
    Other Authors: ...Milevska, Suzana...
    Book Still Image Exhibition Catalogue

    GfZK Leipzig
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